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Okra is very comprehensive in magnesium and iron, which are essential for the proper development and function of human organism. The magnesium helps to metabolism, and iron protect from anemia.

Because in Greece cultivated areas with Okra are very few, therefore the volume of Okras’s production is minimal, in relation to demand. For this reason, most of the domestic consumption of okra covered by importing from EU and third countries. Therefore, Ardas Frost do not produce, but import okra from the above countries.

What you need to know about okra?

The scientific name of okra is Abelmoschus esculentus. The Egyptians were the first to cultivate around 12 century BC in the Nile. From there Okra sailed to the Mediterranean basin, the Balkans and India. In North America was introduced by the slave trade in the 17th century. A.C. The seeds of okra used and are still used in some areas as a coffee substitute.

What Okra offer in my body?

Okra is good source of vitamin C, dietary fiber and some B vitamins, such as folic acid, pyridoxine (B 6) and thiamine (B 1). They also contain a small amount of glutathione and carotenoids: beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin.

Is there something to be watch out when i consume okra?

Okra belongs to a small number of foods containing oxalates, substances found naturally in plant and animal organisms. When oxalates gathered in large quantities in body fluids, crystallize and cause health disorders. Therefore, people with kidney, or gall bladder, may want to avoid Okra’s consumption, as people who want to increase their calcium intake, because the oxalates reduce its absorption.

Is there something i should not know about okra?

To preserve most of its nutritional ingredients, cook okra in low temperature or steamed.

*R.D.I.: Recommended Daily Intake an adult should consume, according to the EC directive 90/496.

Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) for adults based on 2000 calorie diet, corresponding to average daily requirement of an adult.




Open the package and after you make visual inspections, cook as fresh vegetables without defrost the product.

Food service and Cash & Carry pack 2500 gr
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