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ARDAS FROST SA produces and sells in Greek market Flat Green Bean IQF, exceptional quality and taste. Our flat green bean is cultivated in sandy soils in riversides areas of rivers Ardas and Evros, where soils and climatic conditions are suitable for cultivation of beans, and is freezing in 30 minutes later than the time that is harvesting, so that it reaches fresh to the consumer's table.

The sowing of bean is made into 2 periods. First sowing season is in May and harvesting made ​​during July and August each year, and the second sowing season is in July and harvesting is the months of September & October.

What needs to know about beans?

The term beans (in English beans) originally referred only to the seeds of the genus Phaseolus (they belong to the common, red beans and beads), but later expanded to include the genus Vigna (they belong to the black-eyed beans) while longer mentioned several times in other plants of the family of legumes (it is essentially the family of plants whose ripe fruits called legumes, which includes beans, peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils and field beans) . Chickpeas are legumes among those often seen beans. However, common and nutritionally beneficial health effects discussed here collectively.

The different types of beans (white, beads, red) are derived from a common ancestor who was cultivated in Peru. From there it spread to South and Central America from Indians immigrants. In Europe were introduced in the 15th century by Spanish explorers returning from the New World and then passed to Africa and Asia by Spanish and Portuguese merchants. As the beans are a cheap source of good quality protein, quickly became popular in many cultures.

What do they offer in my body?

Beans are a good source of macro-and micronutrients. From plant foods are the best source of good quality protein and along with that are low in fat, total calories, sodium and contain no cholesterol, are becoming necessary in a food diet with healthier choices. Beans, is rich source of dietary fiber and is the best source of folic acid in diet. It is very good source of copper, iron, manganese and phosphorus, and a good source of thiamin (vitamin B 1), magnesium, zinc and pyridoxine (vitamin B 6). Also contributes to diet, potassium, riboflavin (vitamin B 2), pantothenic acid, selenium, calcium and niacin (vitamin B 3).

*R.D.I.: Recommended Daily Intake an adult should consume, according to the EC directive 90/496.

Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) for adults based on 2000 calorie diet, corresponding to average daily requirement of an adult.




Open the package and after you make visual inspections, cook as fresh vegetables without defrost the product.

Industrial Packing
Flat green bean industrial packing of 10 kg carton
Food service and Cash & Carry pack 2500 gr
Flat green beans in Food service and Cash & Carry pack 2500 gr
Retail Packing
Flat green bean retail packing of 1000 gr
Creations with Flat Green Bean
Greek recipes with Flat green beans


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